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Solutions for a Positive Change

“Americans are tired of politicians who say one thing and do another – especially in Dallas County. It’s time for new Leadership who will listen – for a change.”


  • Lauren will work with the Sheriff department to improve and clean up the jails and work to rehabilitate and re-enter the formally incarcerated
  • Lauren will work tirelessly to reduce unnecessary budget items and lower taxes for all Dallas county citizens
  • Dallas County has 6,000+ workers that deserve to work in a positive empowering environment…Lauren will build a culture of empowerment and productivity, which will result in greater efficiencies that all Dallas county citizens will benefit from.
  • Lauren will be making homelessness and mental health resources a priority. As a former Director of Homeless Outreach, Lauren has the skillset and experience to work with established nonprofits to drastically reduce homelessness in Dallas County.
  • Lauren believes in a small, well-run County government. She is committed to bringing exceptional leadership, a strong work ethic, and executing operational efficiencies to ensure every tax dollar makes the biggest positive difference for all citizens of Dallas County.


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