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My Story

I was born in Houston, TX to working class parents. My father was a maintenance man, and my mother a massage therapist. In elementary school, my parents moved us to the hill country in Canyon Lake where I spent the rest of my childhood. I was fortunate enough to meet the man of my dreams at 16-years old, and Ben and I have been together since.

The worst tragedy I could ever imagine happened just two years later when my father died in a car wreck one week after my high school graduation. He was most looking forward to sending me off to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, but never able to see me go. Due to my family’s financial situation, I was unable to visit New York ahead of time to visit the school and arrived in the city just one week before the start of my college career. Ultimately, I found my way back to Texas after less than two years in the big city and completed my education at the University of North Texas, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Sociology (LinkedIn Resume).

We got married young, and despite being raised in a home without religion, I was called to Christianity. I was baptized, confirmed and completed initiation into the Catholic faith before saying, “I do.” Becoming a Christian was and still is the most defining moment of my life. I believe in practicing whatever your faith is and in religious freedom for ALL our citizens. Most of all, protecting our inalienable rights as humans are foundational to my decision-making as a leader for you and all citizens of Dallas County.

We are now a family of three, yet some would argue, seven! Our son Benjamin (15), Pierce (14), and Caroline (11), as well as our two dogs, two cats and who knows how many more in the future are part of the Davis clan.

Pierce has had arguably the most special journey in his surviving an unexpected 12-hour open heart surgery that saved his life shortly after birth, and four additional open-heart surgeries and procedures that have since followed. Our family is truly mesmerized, grateful and in awe of surgeons, doctors and nurses that cared for Pierce and that care for so many others in need in our healthcare system.

Ben and I opened our first luxury barbershop business, The Gents Place, on the day of Pierce’s second open-heart surgery in the fall of 2008, and shortly after we both turned 25-years old. We got an SBA loan just two weeks before Lehman Brothers collapsed, and funding would no longer have been available to start our American Dream. Between opening a business during the “Great Recession,” Pierce’s health complications and being young without a safety net, it certainly was one of the most challenging times of our lives.

Yet, we persevered and grew The Gents Place small business from our first club in Frisco, TX to club locations across the country. As Chief Culture Officer and leading all our construction projects, it’s been an incredible journey in scaling our business, and most importantly, growing our people leading the best brand in our industry.

All our businesses believe in “Spreading Good” in our local communities. We formalized our beliefs when we co-founded Operation Gentlemen, a 501c(3) non-profit which has donated over 25,000 meals to homeless Veterans, supports an annual Suit Drive for the Warrior Transition Unit at Fort Hood, and operates a barbershop for the Dallas homeless community once a month. Additionally, I worked as Director of Homeless Outreach for Dallas nonprofit and have a huge passion for helping transform the lives of those Dallas citizens experiencing homelessness.

While the last 15+ years in being a mother, running businesses and being a community supporter have been both challenging and rewarding, the last couple years have been exceptionally out of this world…

Our three children had attended Dallas ISD public schools since we moved to Dallas 10 years ago. I was an immediate advocate and committed volunteer in setting up the first after-school programs at Preston Hollow Elementary, and investing significant time, talent and treasure at both Dealey Montessori and Hillcrest High School over the last several years.

Unfortunately, Dallas ISD decided to take our parental rights away from Pierce and Caroline, whom had documented medical traumas and physician exemptions from wearing masks in school. Our story of Dallas ISD’s Superintendent, Board of Trustees, local school leadership and parent harassment, segregation and abuse of our children can be found by clicking here. I encourage you to read our full story to understand how corrupt career-building politicians ruling on

¬†compliance and control can change the fabric of our county…and America…if we we let them.

It was only possible for Dallas ISD to treat our family this way because of the abuse of power of Dallas County Judge, Clay Jenkins, in unlawfully mandating masks in our schools and businesses. It was only possible to shut down our business and so many other small businesses because of the abuse of power of Dallas County Judge, Clay Jenkins.

It is only possible for Dallas County to move on and move forward with Freedom to Decide, Putting Families First and Achieving Dallas County’s Full Potential by moving forward with a new Judge.

Dallas County deserves better judgment and a better Judge. I hope you consider supporting me to meet the high expectations we all have for our County. I am ready to serve.

– Lauren Davis, Your Servant Leader for Dallas County Judge


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